Pay as You Go
Virtual Tryout Service

Test your tool or process design in the virtual world, before any tool steel is cut. Starting from US$495, SimulateLite® eliminates forming problems before they occur. No knowledge of Finite Element Analysis software required.

Service Benefits

  • Pay As You Go Service
  • Tryout before tooling
  • Eliminate Forming problems before they occur
  • Optional Service Add-ons
  • Say goodbye to costly trial
    and error techniques
  • Starting from $495 per part

Standard Service Outputs

  • The solution to your sheet metal forming problem
  • Animation of tooling and blank forming
  • Material Forming Limit
  • Material Thinning Information

Optional Service Add-ons

  • Calculated Forming Forces for each process
  • Developed Blank Shape
  • Springback Analysis
  • Springback Compensated Die Face Data's engineers perform a virtual tryout to identify any predicted forming problems, with the objective being to solve (not simply highlight) problems by simulating ideas and countermeasures in the virtual environment, thereby proving the design before committing to costly tooling fabrication.

This is a completely online and contracted service, using's software and resources.

Step 1 - Provide existing 3D tool design data

The customer has a an existing tool or process design and wishes to see it simulated to check for splits wrinkles or other forming problems. The tool design data is transferred to engineers by choosing to Start a Job Now.

Step 2 - Simulation setup

Using the client's tooling data and material properties, sets up the simulation, ready for calculation.

Step 3 - Virtual tryouts performed

The simulation is calculated using the worldclass AutoForm sheet metal forming simulation software. Predicted problems are identified and then addressed by applying appropriate countermeasures. The virtual tryout process is repeated until all problems are eliminated.

Step 4 - Results delivered

The results are delivered electronically to the customer or reviewed via an online meeting. Practical simulation outputs are delivered to the client for use in the real world.

Customer Feedback

“We fabricated the tooling directly from the simulation data and the parts turned out great after the very first tryout.
Thank you!”
Minnesota Tool & Die Works, Inc., MN.

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