Malben Engineering
South Africa

Use simulation to engineer a solution to the client's existing formability problem - splits.

Outcome: The problem was solved first time, by implementing the SimulateLite solution.

Savings: Physical trial and error was eliminated, saving 2~3 weeks of shop floor experimentation and tooling changes.

Further Savings: It would have been possible to save another 2 weeks labor, machine and tryout time, if simulation was used before the tool was fabricated.

Timing: 36 hours from initial simulation to successful result sent to client.

Simulation Cost: USD$1850

Case Study Video

3D Report

3D Simulation Results

"I decided to modify the 1st stage form tool as per your recommendation and as you can see from the photo’s the proposal was successful."

Marco Smargiasso

Technical & Marketing Manager, Malben Engineering, South Africa © 2018
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