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Williams Tooling Case Study

Date: July 08 2008

Case Study: Williams Tooling.  The client provided solid models of a two stage forming process and required simulation to determine feasibility and blank developments.


Pre-purchased hours make light work of Quotes

Date: June 16 2008

June 17, 2008 -, the industry’s leading provider of Pay-as-You-Go AutoForm simulation services, today announced a new flexible service option - Quote Assist. Customers may now engage at the quotation stage of a project, by pre-purchasing engineering hours, in order to better understand formability.


3D reports make simulation results easier to interrogate

Date: June 09 2008, the industry’s leading provider of Pay-as-You-Go AutoForm simulation services, announces the delivery of its new 3D reporting tool, designed to make the interpretation and interrogation of sheet metal forming simulation results even easier. The new 3D technology allows all job data to be embedded within a single Adobe Acrobat PDF document, giving customers the ability to measure, manipulate, view and extract their results within a single document, providing easy distribution to those who need it, using only the standard Acrobat Reader application. Download an example 3D PDF Case Study here (Malben Engineering)


Folding wrinkles accurately predicted using simulation

Date: May 20 2008

Sheet metal forming simulation has proven to be accurate time after time. Why then, does the industry hesitate to simulate upfront and save time and money on the shop floor at the end of the project? Those who do reap the rewards.


New Hydro and Tube forming simulation capabilities

Date: May 13 2008

AutoForm-Incremental simulation technology includes the ability to design, develop and simulate both sheet hydroforming and tube hydroforming problems, including tube bending and forming (crushing). now offers this functionality as part of their existing simulation service products, SimulateLite (Virtual Tryout) and SimulateComplete (Process Development).


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