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How does Simulation show wrinkling?

Date: February 01 2008

This is a good question and certainly worth further discussion. When assessing wrinkles in forming simulation, it is important to understand how a wrinkle is “displayed.” A serious wrinkle (i.e.: metal folding, scrunching together) will show up very clearly. If the material is predicted to fold, within the FEA mesh of the simulation, folding will be observed very clearly.


Simulation Provides Net Benefit: Industry Survey Results

Date: January 22 2008

Based on our recent survey of the industry, it has been confirmed that sheet metal forming simulation technology provides significant benefits to those who have taken up the technology.

61% of respondents agreed that “Sheet metal forming simulation technology is cost effective and always results in a net benefit at the end of a tooling project” while the remainder were yet to experience the technology for themselves.


EasyBlank supplies CAD file with a detailed report

Date: December 10 2007

We have recently released the latest update to EasyBlank and those who have subscribed to the regular mailing list may have come across something they did not know: EasyBlank generates blank shapes as a CAD file and not just as a picture on your screen.


AutoForm Announces New Release of EasyBlank

Date: July 14 2007

Zurich, Switzerland, July 13, 2007: AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has announced a new release of EasyBlank. This new version with its enhancements specifically meets the requirements of the US market.


Sheet metal forming simulation technology - who should pay?

Date: July 01 2007

We have returned from a recent visit to the sheet metal tooling industry in Melbourne, Australia and have come across an interesting topic. Who should pay for sheet metal forming technology?


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