Press Release: EasyBlank Enhanced with Feasibility Assessment

Zurich, Switzerland, October 23, 2008: AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has announced a new enhanced version of EasyBlank. This new version provides a quick feasibility evaluation of the part that also includes an FLD diagram. Users of EasyBlank can now check their product for stamping concerns and perform suitable countermeasures prior to tooling fabrication.

EasyBlank already delivers valuable features to the industry, including the ability to quickly calculate sheet metal part material consumption, thinning distribution of the part, blank outline and optimal nest layout, and now features a feasibility plot of the part and associated FLD diagram.

Early feasibility assessment eliminates costly and late changes to part design and enables an early optimization of material cost. Users can carry out and quickly assess several alternative design concepts, selecting the best one. A focus on product feasibility minimizes later expensive product modifications and allows the users to release a product that has been designed with manufacturability in mind. An additional feature in this version is the ability to plot the forming limit diagram (FLD) as a part of the online purchased report. The FLD is used to assess the material
failure, such as splits or wrinkles.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm, stated: “All EasyBlank users can benefit from this enhanced version. It enables meaningful feasibility assessments and allows users to minimize material costs and material usage related to the assessment and manufacturability of the product. Users can now reach the optimal balance between formability, design performance and manufacturing requirements.”

EasyBlank is free to download software, which enables online purchasing of reports. EasyBlank rapidly calculates the developed blank outline from CAD part geometry, using the well known AutoForm-OneStep technology. In addition, EasyBlank is specialized for determining the optimal nesting layout. All the existing features make the software attractive for tool and die shops as well as for stamping companies. Users can purchase online the reports that contain detailed information on material consumption, thinning distribution of the part, blank outline and optimal nesting layout. The benefits of such a report are early cost analysis, minimization of material costs and material usage and finally minimized scrap.

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